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I'm working on adding an info page for each entry on these lists. This is a huge amount of work and my time is very limited. In the end, every official product ever branded The House of Miniatures will be listed and detailed.

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THoM # Product Name Image
40001 Chippendale Closed Cabinet Top thumbnail
40002 Chippendale Open Cabinet Top thumbnail
40003 Chippendale Hutch Cabinet thumbnail
40004 Hepplewhite Side Table thumbnail
40005 Hepplewhite Round Table thumbnail
40006 Hepplewhite 3 piece Dining Room Table thumbnail
40007 Hepplewhite Side Chair (2) thumbnail
40008 Queen Anne Tilt Top Table thumbnail
40009 Chippendale Chest on Chest thumbnail
40010 Chippendale 6 Drawer Chest thumbnail
40011 Chippendale 3 Drawer Chest thumbnail
40012 Chippendale Night Stand thumbnail
40013 Queen Anne Candle Stand thumbnail
40014 Chippendale Canopy Bed thumbnail
40015 Chipppendale Sofa thumbnail
40016 Chippendale Wing Chair thumbnail
40017 Chippendale Desk thumbnail
40018 William & Mary Tall Case Clock thumbnail
40019 Chippendale Dry Sink thumbnail
40020 Tidewater Virginia Fireplace thumbnail
40021 Queen Anne Fire Screen thumbnail
40022 Chippendale Straight Top Highboy thumbnail
40023 Chippendale Broken Bonnet highboy thumbnail
40024 Chippendale Lowboy thumbnail
40025 Chippendale Sideboard thumbnail
40026 Chippendale Cabriole Leg Chair (set of 2) thumbnail
40027 Chippendale Cabriole Leg Arm Chair (2) thumbnail
40028 Chippendale Straight Leg Chair thumbnail
40029 Straight Leg Chippendale Arm Chair thumbnail
40030 Chippendale Double Settee thumbnail
40031 Chippendale Bench thumbnail
40032 Chippendale Hanging Shelf thumbnail
40033 Chippendale Low Post Bed thumbnail
40034 Dower Chest thumbnail
40035 Hooded Cradle thumbnail
40036 Hepplewhite Serpentine Table thumbnail
40037 Chippendale Corner Chair thumbnail
40038 Queen Anne Table thumbnail
40039 Queen Anne Tea Table thumbnail
40040 Chippendale Open Arm Chair (2) thumbnail
40041 Corner Cupboard thumbnail
40042 Chippendale Slant Front Desk thumbnail
40043 Chippendale Day Bed thumbnail
40044 Lyre Back Chair thumbnail
40045 Chippendale Dining Table thumbnail
40046 Willard Tall Case Clock thumbnail
40047 Hepplewhite Candle Stands thumbnail
40048 Chippendale Breakfront thumbnail
40049 Chippendale Candle Stands thumbnail
40050 Chippendale Serpentine Chest thumbnail
40051 Cupboard Top thumbnail
40052 Chippendale Bookcase thumbnail
40053 Cupboard Base thumbnail
40054 Bachelor`s Chest thumbnail
40055 Queen Anne Settee thumbnail
40056 Hepplewhite Corner Washstand thumbnail
40057 Chippendale Firescreen thumbnail
40058 Queen Anne Wardrobe thumbnail
40059 Queen Anne Serving Table thumbnail
40060 Chippendale Low Post Bed thumbnail
40061 Hepplewhite Corner Table thumbnail
40062 Hepplewhite Cellarette thumbnail
40063 Swinging Cradle thumbnail
40064 Chippendale Double Chest thumbnail
40065 Hepplewhite Serving Table thumbnail
40066 Chippendale Chest of Drawers thumbnail
40067 Chippendale Desk on Frame thumbnail
40068 Bagnall Tall Case Clock thumbnail
40069 Tavern Table thumbnail
40070 Connecticut Tavern Table thumbnail
40071 Dower Chest thumbnail
40072 Trestle Stand thumbnail
40073 Slat Back Chair thumbnail
40074 Chippendale Round Table thumbnail
40075 Chair Table thumbnail
40076 Hepplewhite Grandmother Clock thumbnail
40077 Library Table thumbnail
40078 Duncan Phyfe Window Seat thumbnail
40079 Hepplewhite Huntboard thumbnail
40080 Book Stand & Pedestal Desk thumbnail
40081 Dumb Waiter thumbnail
40082 Queen Ann Side Chair (2) thumbnail
40083 Queen Anne Arm Chair thumbnail
41200 Shadow Box Room Kit thumbnail
41205 Vignette Box Display Kit thumbnail
41208 Vignette Box Display Kit thumbnail
41210 Window Kit thumbnail
41215 Door Kit thumbnail
41220 James River Fireplace thumbnail
42200 Savonnerie thumbnail
42201 Chinese Antique thumbnail
42202 Bokhara thumbnail
42203 Sarouk Saraband thumbnail
42204 Heriz thumbnail
42205 Tabriz Hunt thumbnail
42206 Joshagan thumbnail
42207 Hamadan thumbnail
42208 Karabagh thumbnail
42209 Chinese Medallion thumbnail
42400 McIntyre Glass thumbnail
42403 Chippendale Looking Glass thumbnail
42404 Chippendale Pier Glass thumbnail
51113 Williamsburg Chippendale Bookcase thumbnail

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