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THoM Product # 40049 - Chippendale Candle Stands

Chippendale Candle Stands

Catalog Description: The curved legs and ornately carved pedestals typify Chippendale's candle stand designs. 2 1/4"h

Circa: 1750

Style: Chippendale

Period: Colonial

Design © 1979

1994 Retail: $6.75

Built Item ID: 55049

Craftmark ID: 916

Craftmark Built ID: 811

Built Item Retail: $9.95

Chippendale's treatment of the designs of his candlestands didn't differ appreciably from his styling of any other piece of furniture. The cyma curved legs were often terminated in a ball-and-claw foot and the pedestals were usually embellished with ornate carving. The tops usually were fairly plain since, due to their limited size, the candle holders, or other decorative object, covered most of the surface. The wood used in their construction was typically mahogany although the American cabinetmakers relied heavily upon native woods. These tables had a high utilitarian value and were in great demand in the Colonial household. They were gradually replaced later in the 18th century, with the introduction of oil lamps, by a more stable, four-legged stand. Even after they were no longer used for light they still found a place in the homes as depositories for decorative vases and statuary. Surviving pieces are always in demand by collectors today.

Catalog image of Chippendale Candle Stands
Finished kit of Chippendale Candle Stands

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