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THoM Product # 40005 - Hepplewhite Round Table

Hepplewhite Round Table

Catalog Description: This table features a distinguishing pedestal base with three gracefully curved legs. An authentic reproduction from early 19th century originals. 2 1/2"h x 3 1/2" diam.

Circa: 1800-1810

Style: Hepplewhite

Period: Regency

Design © 1976

1994 Retail: $5.50

Built Item ID: 0

Craftmark ID: 982

Craftmark Built ID: 0

Built Item Retail: $0.00

A typical round table found in use as an occasional dining, writing or tea table. Also often found in living room settings with a beautiful hand crafted silver service decorating its top. Occasional chairs of many types were used with the table. Most commonly made of local woods, and many times made of different types. The column might have been turned of ash or oak. The typically Hepplewhite styled legs of oak or ash and the top of pine, oak, tulip or maple. Not uncommonly found in taverns and local pubs. A table with a top of this diameter, three and one half feet, was often warped badly which added to its uniqueness as quite typical of the design of the period.

Catalog image of Hepplewhite Round Table
Finished kit of Hepplewhite Round Table

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