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THoM Product # 40047 - Hepplewhite Candle Stands

Hepplewhite Candle Stands

Catalog Description: These candle stands are authentically detailed and perfect for any room. One oval and one octagonal.

Circa: 1790

Style: Hepplewhite

Period: Regency

Design © 1979

1994 Retail: $6.75

Built Item ID: 55047

Craftmark ID: 948

Craftmark Built ID: 893

Built Item Retail: $9.95

Candlestands and small tables were in great demand by the Colonial households both for their utilitarian value and their decorative value. Hepplewhite styles and designs were similar to those of previous periods except for typical Hepplewhite touches such as heavy uses of inlay and occasional special treatment of the tripod legs. The cyma curved legs were usually terminated in pad or snake feet and the top surfaces were often fluted. Inlay varied from exotic to native burl wood. The main body of these stands were usually made of the ever popular mahogany, but many that were made by American cabinetmakers were of native woods such as maple and walnut. Since these were used in so many sections of the house and were used in such numbers they relied on form rather than decorations to enhance their appearance. Carving, if used at all, was restricted to the pedestal. The oval and octagon tops on these two tables were two of the more popular shapes used on this type of table.

Catalog image of Hepplewhite Candle Stands
Finished kit of Hepplewhite Candle Stands

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